Booth Spotlight: Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Bonita Springs

We're so excited that Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Bonita Springs with be with us once again at the Bridal Blast.  BRIDES: Have you registered yet?  There's still time!  Register HERE!

The Pros at the Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Bonita Springs share their "Secrets for Perfecting the First Dance":

As couples look for new ways to share the joy of their wedding day, local dance pros provide tips for creating unforgettable moments on the dance floor.

“There are a lot of important details to cover when it comes to dancing at a reception,” Fred Astaire Dance Studio owner Yuriy Datsyk said. “Choosing the right DJ or band is just the beginning. With proper preparation, couples will learn something timeless and romantic that they can perform at their wedding, their 50th anniversary and countless events in between.” The pros at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Bonita Springs tell you how to plan for the wedding dance.

Secrets to Dancing like the Stars

Budget.   Put that gym membership on hold and invest in lessons. Like any aspect of a wedding, you can spend a little or a lot.  The important thing, is setting a budget so your Fred Astaire instructor can plan well, making the most of the dollars you spend.

Build In Lead Time.   A well-choreographed first dance can boost couple confidence and leave a beautiful, lasting impression. Most couples need only two to three months of instruction and practice to know their dance so well they can enjoy the experience of just doing it.

Choose Your Song and Dance Style.  Fred Astaire Dance Studio pros say most couples pick out their song right away, but they have no idea how to dance to it. Instructors can craft a dance that works with the song, or suggest a song to match the dance.

DJ or Band. Your dance instructors can work with either one on making a version of your song easier to dance to.  Then you practice the dance just as the song will be played.

Dress for Success.  The couple will have a chance to get used to the type of shoes and dress they will be wearing for the dance and learn ways to avoid blisters and tripping hazards.

Work Your Venue.   Instructors will tailor your dance and all your special moves around the layout of the room, its space, and proximity to the guests.

Play Director.  Your photographer or videographer will know where to stand, and when to get the perfect shots once you can perform a dress rehearsal of your dance.

Include Everyone.  Planning a mother-son and father-daughter dance? Fred Astaire Dance studio can help your parents too.  And what about the bridal party? What a wedding favor lessons for them would be!

About Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Bonita Springs

Yuriy and Alexandra Datsyk retired from a decorated career as professional ballroom dancers in 1997, ready to take their professional relationship to the next step as instructors and eventual business owners. They came to America to work as dance teachers in 1999, then opened their first Fred Astaire Dance Studio in midtown Manhattan in 2003. After 11 successful years, they sold their New York studio and moved to Bonita Springs, where they opened the city’s first Fred Astaire Dance Studio in 2015 along with new partner and former professional dancer, Pavlo Bilych.