Booth Spotlight: Pam Minott Photography

We're so excited that Pam Minott Photography is once again joining us at the upcoming Bridal Blast on Sunday, August 23 at Germain Arena.  BRIDES: Click HERE to register for your {free} ticket.

About Pam Minott Photography:

Pam Minott Photography is a family owned business with over 50 years of combined experience. Offers a complete package of still and HD video photography for your wedding.

Pam Minott was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Growing up in Indiana, moving around as an Air Force brat and finally settling in Ft. Myers, Florida, she had the opportunity to see the world through many lenses.

Pam studied art and interior architecture before taking up film and photography. She has a practiced eye for line and color. Whether shooting in a church or on the shore, she weaves texture and light into every frame. 

There is an inner light that comes through a bride's eyes or a baby's smile. And Pam aims to create a way to hold that flicker in your hands, to give it to your family and keep it for the future.

Be sure to stop by and meet Pam at the Bridal Blast!