A Bridal Show is like Speed Dating: Your 5 Point Plan for the Show

It is almost Bridal Show season again!  At the beginning of each year, bridal shows abound to capture the attention of the newly engaged.  But a bridal show to the uninitiated can be daunting, overwhelming and leave a bride more confused than when she arrived!

A bridal show is like speed dating: you have 3 minutes to meet a wedding vendor and see if you click with them before you move on to the next booth.  At the end, you decide who you want to see again.

At larger shows, the energy can overwhelm as you move from booth to booth.  After seeing 20+ photographers, they may all start to look alike.  In order to walk out with your sanity intact, use this 5 Point Plan to get the most from your bridal show experience.

DJ Jim Dalia meets with Bride and Groom at the August 2012 Bridal Blast.

DJ Jim Dalia meets with Bride and Groom at the August 2012 Bridal Blast.

1. Do your Homework.  We know you're already researching vendors so this is a great opportunity to find out who will be at the show and check out their websites before you meet them.  You'll be able to narrow down the field and focus in on your top picks.

2. Go in with a Plan.  Before you even enter the arena, create a list of goals for the show.  You've done your online research so create some specific vendors or types of vendors you want to meet in person.  Do you still need a venue?  Then focus in on the hotels and country clubs.  Want to compare photographers?  This is a great opportunity to meet them in person and see if you click.  Do you want to do some cake tasting?  Well, that's a given.  It's easy to get distracted so if you've got a written list of goals or specific vendors to meet, this will help you stay on track.

3. Label Up!  Print out mailing labels with your Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email address so you're ready to enter all the drawings for those great prizes!  BUT understand that by doing this, you are agreeing that the vendor can contact you.  (You can always unsubscribe at any time to enewsletters etc. but this is the price you pay for the chance to win great prizes so don't complain about spam later.)

4. Take Note.  As you meet different vendors, jot down a few notes so you remember who is who.  "ABC photography - red head with great personality, big canvas print, cool booth."  It'll help you later on when you're trying to sort through all your business cards and other collateral.  If you have a dictation app on your smart phone, you can just speak it into your phone and listen in later as a reminder.

5. Book Appointments.  After you've cruised through the show once, filled out the prize drawings, and picked up your free swag, return to the vendors you liked the most and make an appointment to meet them in the next week.  This will give you a chance to discuss your needs in more detail.

Bridal shows can be a lot of fun but with this 5 step plan it will also help you get the most from the experience and start your planning off on the right foot!


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Article originally published  by Kelly Werder, WED the Magazine at WEDtheMagazine.com.  Copyright 2012, WedBiz Media, All Rights Reserved.  Published with permission.